10 Must-Have Apps For Rooted Android Phones


So you might have rooted your android mobile or tablet and what goes further after rooting your device? I think you might get stuck with a bunch of controls and customizations which might be heard on the internet.

  • Which root is best for Android?
  • What can I do with a rooted Android phone?
  • Where can I download rooted apps Android?
  • Why is my device not compatible with some apps?

So in this post, I will be sharing the best after root application for your android device. If you haven’t rooted your android yet don’t worry, Read our article on rooting an android device safely and root your device without any errors.

10 Must-Have Apps For Rooted Android Phones

This list might contain several useful apps which were handily picked up by me and some apps which are highly rated. So let’s get into these best and useful after root applications.

#1 Greenify

Greenify is one among the foremost popular after root application which is widely used by many of the android lovers too. The app helps your device to improve its battery performance across its limitations. As I use this app on my unrooted android tablet which makes its worth. Greenify also hibernates your device’s background applications.

#2 Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is used to play with permissions of any android application. The app is used to remove license verification, remove google ads and much more (depends upon app actually). Additionally, the app lets you create an android app based on your requirements.

#3 Titanium Backup ★ root

As the name reveals this application is used to backup, restore and protects apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro).

#4 Viper4Android

Viper4Android is an after root android application which is used to have control over different audio levels on different devices which are connected including your default device individually. The app comes with an audio driver inbuilt itself which improves the quality of the sound which you hear.

#5 Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is one of the most apps which should be installed on your rooted android device, just because to install and manage your device’s modules. The app is also used to customize your device to the high without managing custom ROM’s.

#6 GLTools

GLTools is one of the top-rated after root application which is available for $2.72 on Google Play Store. If you are a game lover and love to high-end graphic games on your android device, then you should install GL Tools now itself.

#7 Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

Dumpster is just like recycle bin on a mac and windows pc. If you have deleted and file accidentally or as usual the file gets stored in the dumpster as same like recycle bin in windows so the app helps you to recover those deleted files.

#8 Quick Reboot

Some of the android devices won’t have reboot option from their developers, So with Quick Reboot installed on your rooted android device, you can easily add reboot option to your device power menu itself.

#9 Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Manager is used to restoring data like apps+data, text messages, call logs, and much more! The app only allows your device to restore data which the backups are on the app. So all of the backup files must be backed up through the app itself.

#10 Tasker

Takser is used to automate every action of your device. The app can do anything for you like if you wish to open music player when you plug headphones into your device, then the app can easily do that for you.

You can’t describe the use of this app in a single sentence because it has tons of uses. If you check the review of this app, you will be able to see the description as an app that does everything.