Netflix Orignals: 13 Reasons Why Full Review, Info, Storyline


Based on Drama, Genere, and Mystery – This Netflix original series has been a sensational hit on Netflix. This series on a hike now. With loads of attachment for the past two seasons, now season 3 has been a massive hit on the Asian countries – especially in INDIA.

Netflix Originals 13 Reasons Why – Season 3 Full Info

GRADUATION Currently specializing in 'Electronics & Communication Engineering' from 'Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad'.

13 Reasons Why Story

The storylines is based on a best selling book – Asher a teenager follows Clay Jensen. As he runs from school to find out a mysterious box which he found. In the box, he founds a bunch of cassette tapes with the voice of Henna baker –  his crush in class. This is seen as mysterious as Baker commits suicide weeks ago. On the tapes, Hannah reveals 13 reasons why she committed suicide.


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