{UPDATED!} Best PHP Frameworks You Need To CheckOut In 2020


PHP frameworks provide developers with some prebuilt modules which even provide a robust platform for faster development. A framework is just a simple source to get the basic structure along with some robust features which make the web-app work faster, simpler and smarter.

PHP, Also known as “Hypertext Preprocessor” or “Personal Home Page” is one of the major server-side scripting languages. According to the latest research by “w3techs.com” has revealed that PHP is the most used server-side programming languages for websites. This has proved that PHP is used by 82.8% of all the websites over the internet.

  • Which framework is best for PHP?
  • Which PHP framework is best for beginners?
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  • What is the best PHP framework 2020?

Best PHP Frameworks Of 2020

Now that you want to move with the best “PHP Framework” for your site. But there are a plethora of PHP Frameworks available out there, In which most of them are open source. Below, I have listed the best PHP frameworks which can make your development easier. So make sure to cross-check every framework and choose the best one which suits all your needs.

#1 Laravel

Released in 2011, Laravel has a humongous craze around web-developers. This is the most popular framework with the huge community. If you are a newbie and want to gain much knowledge about the Laravel Framework“,

Then you can easily find plethora tutorials on their official site which can turn you from a beginner to an expert easily.

The main use of Laravel is that one can easily develop a web-app using laravel rapidly. With Blade (It’s Own Light-weight Templating System) allows you to automate authentication, sessions, queueing, caching and RESTful routing.

Developer: Taylor Otwell 

PHP Version Required: 5.5.9

#2 CodeIgniter

Released in 2006, CodeIgniter is one of the lightweight PHP Framework. With a minimal configuration, one can easily install and setup Codeigniter. Known for its classic performance, CodeIgniter can be used on almost anywhere from a Shared hosting to a Dedicated hosting.

CodeIgniter has an ability to support next-generation’s applications which require simplified coding. This means that there will be no super configurations required to run those apps with CodeIgniter.

PHP Version Required: 5.2.4

Download CodeIgniter

Developer: British Columbia Institute of Technology

#3 Symfony

Being a highly popular PHP framework among the expert developers, Symfony is utilized to develop excellent websites and applications with the assistance of various professional & creative.

It is powerful and helps to reduce the problem of repetitive coding structure.

Also, it guarantees a stable platform that makes it one of the highly sought PHP framework around the world.

#4 Phalcon

Written in C and C++, Phalcon is one of the fastest-growing PHP frameworks. Due to its fastest performance, it is compared with the Falcon (bird). The framework mainly reduces the overhead typical of MVC-based apps.

Apart from its speedy performance, Phalcon also reduces your servers CPU usage too!. Available with fully loaded features a php developer must have a try.

Developer: Andres Gutierrez

Download Phalcon

#5 CakePHP

Released in 2005, CakePHP Framework is one of the most lovable frameworks among majority PHP Developers. The framework powers few biggest brands like  Hyundai, and Express

CakePHP comes with few pre-built security features such as XSS prevention and CSRF protection etc..

#6 Yii Framework

With its lazy loading techniques, Yii provides fastest load time when compared to other frameworks. With YII you can easily boost your site’s performance. Yii 2 is integrated with jQuery, and it comes with a set of AJAX-enabled features, and it implements an easy-to-use skinning and theming mechanism, so it can be a great choice for someone who comes from a frontend background.

#7 FuelPHP

FuelPHP uses a cascading file system. Written in PHP version 5.3 the main features of FuelPHP are URL routing system, RESTful implementation, HMVC implementation, template parsing, form and data validation, ORM (Object Relational Mapper), vulnerability protection and caching system.

Download FuelPHP

PHP Version Required: 5.3

#8 PHP-Mini

As the term defines it is developed and used to create mini-projects. PHP Mini in too simple and one can easily understand. The major feature of this framework is that it only uses native PHP code, simple with a clean structure and is easy to understand.

Download PHP-Mini

#9 Zend Framework

Fully loaded with plethora configurations, Zend Framework is highly useful for giant projects. Right now it is available in two versions with exciting features. A noob can get certified with its online certification program.

Download  Zend Framework

#10 Fat-Free

Released in 2009, Fat-Free PHP Framework is another light-weight framework. Fully developed in PHP which features, URL router, multilingual application support, and cache engine.

Developer Bong Cosca

Download Fat-Free

So there are the Best PHP Frameworks as per our list. Hope you found the best PHP Framework which suits your need. Make sure to share this post and comment down your impressions about this list.