5 Best Screen Recording Applications For Linux


Screen Recording software’s can help you to create video reviews or can help a gamer who like to record his gameplays. Some of the screen recording software’s have a capability to steam your monitor while you play a game. So, here this post i have got you the 5 of the best screen recording software for your linux pc.

5 Best Screen Recording Applications For Linux

#1 OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio)

OBS is one of the highly recommended screen recording and streaming application. The app is freely available for linux, windows and mac users at no cost. With the help of OBS, you can live stream your content to the popular video network’s like YouTube, Dailymotion and even on Twitch also. I personally recommend you to use this software because of its easy to use interface.

#2 Gnome and Cinnamon Applets

This application is for that user who is new and wants a simple solution, and those who don’t want to install additional software. This is the simplistic recording app which can easily record two monitors at once. The Cinnamon applet allows you to configure some of the basic options, and can also record sound.

#3 VLC

As Many of you might don’t know that VLC media player has an inbuilt screen recording tool which allows you to capture your computer’s display. To record your computers monitor with VLC all you have to do is just Go To -> Media -> Convert/Save Dialog and in there you have to select “Capture Device“. now just configure the required settings and have fun.

#4 Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder allows you to capture any kinda video, audio and allows you to choose whether you want to record the entire screen of your monitor or also just the selected area. It is also possible to pause the recording and show a live preview at the time you capture, so you can see what the final video will look like

#5 ScreenStudio

Screenstudio can also be the highly powerful and advanced screen recording software for Linux which enables its customers to report HD video files. The app works on Linux and Mac OS X with some of the following features:-

  • Audio and Video recording ✔
  • Text overlay’s and Connection to webcam ✔
  • Supports several video file formats including mp4, Flv and so on
  • Supports streaming of desktop sessions to Twitch.tv, UStream or Hitbox