Adithya Varma Tamil Full Movie Info | Songs | Cast


Adithya Varma is an upcoming Tamil movie a remake version of Tollywood super hit film Arjun reddy. Directed by Gireesayaa, The movie is produced under the hands of E4 Entertainment.

Adithya Varma Tamil Full Movie

Adithya Varma Tamil Full Movie
Adithya Varma Tamil Full Movie
Featuring Nupur Sanon
Cast Akshay Kumar, Nupur Sanon
Lyrics & composer
SingerB praak
DirectorArvinder Khaira

Adithya Varma Release Date

Tough the teaser/trailer has been released, The official announcement of the release hasn’t been announced yet. Based on Arjun Reddy Telugu movie, Adithya Varma is getting ready to break all the Kollywood Box Office records – Says, Movie Predictors. It is said with the rumors that this latest Tamil movie will be released up to final weeks of June 2019.

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Adithya Varma Tamil Movie Teaser


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