Arjun Kapoor Rescues Mobbed Malaika Arora At An Airport


Fans mobbed Malaika Arora at an airport, Video vent viral on social platforms. Malaika Arora is being the sensational topic these days on social media platforms like instagram and facebook.

Fans, News reporters and other followers of Arjun track her 24/7. Meanwhile, Arjun and Malaika were on a trip to attend the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. While they’re on their way to departure from the airport, Plethora fans and press staff came ahead to take photographs and interview.

Huge crowd at the Mumbai airport mobbed Malaika Arora for selfies. Soon after a few seconds, Arjun entered into the mobbed area and rescued Malaika Arora from the crowd. Video footage of this particular incident went viral all across social platforms.

Mobbed Malaika Arora Got Rescued By Arjun Kapoor – Video Went Viral

Mobbed Malaika Arora Got Rescued By Arjun Kapoor
Mobbed Malaika Arora Got Rescued By Arjun Kapoor

These love birds were on their trip for Melbourne to attend Indian Film Festival, On their return at Mumbai airport, The moment they stepped their foot outside the gates huge crowd surrounded for photographs and selfies. Upon noticing a plethora of people from outside the airport started entering into the crowd, which was noticed by Arjun Kapoor made to save Malaika.

Recently these people revealed their relationship public. After getting divorced from Arbaaz Khan, It’s been out that Arjun and Malaika are about to get married soon. Recently for the second time in life But when asked, Malaika Arora said in an interview that it is considered a taboo for women to love for the second time in India.

She confesses that “Love in India is like a taboo for the second time because sometimes the circumstances and subjects are odd, which have to be fought, but I believe that working on all these topics with an open mind”.


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