Here Is How To Become IAS Officer At Low Cost


A plethora of guides online are available to start preparing for ias. Here we share the best information on how you can become an IAS officer at a low cost. The main thing focussed on this note will be the preparation fees and other expenses which one has to face in their UPSC career

Disclaimer: This post is to provide you a rough guide only. It is not that following this post makes your UPSC expenses cheaper. It is upto the individuals.

Middle Class UPSC Dream

A person from a middle-class family copes with a load of dreams during the final days of his/her graduation. Then it comes to the mind to become or crack UPSC examination to become an IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or any other which the individual loves to.

#1 Coaching

It comes to the mind, also people suggest joining the coaching centre which guides you towards the path of cracking UPSC. These days there are a lot of coaching centers which charge upto 200K per year. This huge amount of fee will be charged in installments but somehow one has to pay it under the duration of 3 – 6 months.

#2 Materials

Newspapers, Books, stationary and other notes preparation stuff cost you around 30K roughly. In addition charts, wallpapers and other motivational stuff must be included based on the individual’s choice.

#3 Hostility

If you’re one among thos UPSC aspirants who come to a city and start preparation then conclusively the hostel prices start from 6,000 minimum. This includes food, water, and other basic needs.

These are the basic expenses that a UPSC aspirant has to focus on. Apart from these above-mentioned factors, there are a plethora of other expenses like a vehicle if you own has some maintenance, entertainment, and other hangouts.

In general, around 2 – 3 lakhs per anum are the expenses including the coaching and hostel. So this was a rough guide on how to become an IAS officer at a low cost. Are you an aspirant reading this? Then make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below.


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