Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android


Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android which can make your smartphone much smarter and easy to use. Use the below-listed apps one can save time and also increase productivity.

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Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android

With the help of multi-tasking apps, One can customize his/her android smartphone to perform many cool things. So, here I have listed 5 Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android smartphone.

#1 EasyTouch – assistive launcher

EasyTouch is the best assistive tool for Android devices. The launcher is simply popular for its Floating Addon to your screen. This floating feature of the app provides iPhone like assistive touch for your android smartphone. One can quickly access all the favourite apps, games, settings, and notifications with the pre-added shortcuts. The app provides a simple user interface and design which makes it be accessed by everyone.

#2 Power Toggles

Power Toggles is the advanced power control widget which is available for Free with No Ads included. The app features 40+ toggle options to enhance the performance of your android smartphone.

#3 Omni Swipe – Small and Quick

With eye-catching interface Omni Swipe allows you to multitask over your favourite apps, folders, all notifications etc. The app allows you to access all that at one place to access with just a toggle on the small icon of this app.

#4 Arrow Launcher

Developed by Microsoft, Arrow Launcher offers you a personal radical simplification to most out of your Android experience. The app makes it easy to find out all your applications and keeps you in touch with your friends and even makes you stay on the top of the important things of your life.from my experience Arrow Launcher is the best app which works with great efficiency on any android smartphone.

#5 EAS: Easy App Switcher

Easy App Switcher features floating icons to switch between two different apps which you have used recently. EAS makes it easy to access it through floating icons on the screen of your android smartphone.

So, These were the Best Multitasking and Shortcut apps for your Android. Android smartphones are becoming too smart to learn their features to experience much of their features with amazing apps which are being developed for it. Hope you like the article! Share it with your friends too.