How Do You Get Off Comment Block On Instagram?


One can create a troll on Instagram with a single post. So the best solution figured out is to turn off commenting. So, How do you do that on Instagram? Below is the best tweak discussed ever. So make sure to follow the entire guide to get more from this new feature.

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With-Over 800-Million active users per month, Instagram has its own trend over any of its alternate. With thousands of followers, Plethora of business accounts has been boosting their service marketing on Instagram. So there services are reached using photo and video ads through Instagram. If something went wrong or a user miscomment can affect the entire brand. So taking this in a serious action it is important for a business account on Instagram to turn off commenting on their posts.

So the point here is not just about keeping business accounts safe. The actual point here is to keep your self-safe from being abused. Instagram owns its rich looks. Posting a photo on insta is not all about getting more likes with positive comments. Isn’t it ?!

How Do You Get Off Comment Block On Instagram?

To turn off comments on an Instagram post is not a big deal. Here in this guide, We gonna share two best methods. One method is for the post which is already posted to Instagram and another trick is for the post which you’ll upload next moment after reading this article. 🙂

Method 1: Turn Off Comments On a Posted Instagram Post!

Now that to disable comments on existing Instagram post all you have to do is just launch the app. Now go to your profile and select the existing photo or video which is already uploaded. If you’re on android then just tap on 3-dots which is located on the top right corner of the post. Now you can see a menu turning up with options saying “Turn Off Commenting“. Just click on it to turn off commenting on the desired post on Instagram.

Method 2: Turning Off Comments While You Upload a Post.

The second method here is to turn off commenting while the time you upload a pic to your Instagram account. The moment when you upload a pic, Right behind you just need to click on “Advanced Settings” below and turn off comments for the post.

So this is how you’ve turned off comments on Instagram posts. hope you found this guide useful. Make sure to share this post with your friends and do share your impressions in the comments section below.