Boy (2019) Full Telugu Movie HD Infected With Piracy


BOY (2019) Telugu full movie gets infected to piracy in HD quality. tamilRockers – movieRulz and ther affiliated sites are the sources of this leak.  Boy Telugu full movie HD has been infected to piracy.

tamilRockers Infected Boy (2019) Full Telugu Movie HD 

Its been a couple of week since the initial release. The movie was infected with piracy within a few hours after its initial release. The theatre copy of this movie went viral all across the piracy streamers.

Now, after a couple of days – BOY (2019) Telugu full movie has been infected to piracy again. An HD print of the entire movie under High Definition quality has been leaked by tamilrockers.


Boy Telugu Movie Online

Mahitej (Lakshya) is a tenth-grade student who is always bullied by his friends. In one of the crazy incidents, he gets closer to Varsha(Sahiti) and their friendship blossoms into love. During the same time, Mahitej also gets into a mess with his Math teacher(Vinay Varma) because of a crucial issue.


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