DABANGG 3 Motion Poster OUT दबंग्ग ३ मोशन पोस्टर आगया है फंस की कॉइश पूरी हुवी


Finally, the day has come for which a plethora of SALMAN KHAN fans are waiting out there. Your CHULBUL Pandey is here. Yes Salman Khan’s DABANGG 3 motion poster video is out now.  Salman Khan has posted on his twitter handle promoting the movie with the hashtag #100daystoDabangg3. 

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4 Bang Bang Facts Of Film Dabangg 3

Here we share the most interesting facts from the MOTION TEASER. In total 4 facts from the Dabangg movie series have been listed below. Make sure to cross-check them on your own path.

#1 बिना वर्दी वाला LOOK

In this 18 seconds of motion teaser Salman khan has appeared without the police uniform. Whereas in the posters of DABANGG and DABANGG 2 most of have seen Salman in the uniform. This is because the screenplay is Prequel. Which means that the story is based on CHULBU’s past life before he becoming a police officer. This is the reason why Salman appeared in casual dress code.

Dabangg 3 Motion Poster Video Released
Dabangg 3 Motion Poster Video Released

#2 100 दिन बाकी 

Today the motion poster has been released. And right after 100 days from today, DABANGG 3 will be released to watch on the silver screens. The motion poster have increased the eagerness of fans. The way motion poster is being a trend makes no sense to assume the viral popularity gain of the official trailer in no time when gets released. Then after 100 days, Chulbul Pandey will create a huge band in the theatres.

#3 Salmans SWAG

17 seconds of the motion teaser showed the swag. The way he kicks the metal with his foot has been the centre of attraction to the video clip. भाई वह चुलबुल पांडेय थो छागया The BGM bangs with Salmans famous dialogue स्वागत थो करो हमारा hits the heart. In a single word, the complete motion teaser is filled with swag.

#4 Multiple Languages

Along with HINDI, the motion poster has also been released in a plethora of other languages. The motion poster was also released in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. This meant that CHULBUL PANDEY is getting ready to attract love from south Indian fans. So what is the bang more than Salmans touch from north to south through Dabangg 3?


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