Facebook Rolls Out Screen Ads For Its Messenger Application


Facebook Messenger Home Screen Ads Rolling Out Worldwide. Yes! the beta app tests which displayed ads on messenger’s home screen are going to be official soon. This news was announced officially by the developers of Facebook in their recent blog post.

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Messenger ads were tested since January of this year in Australasia and Thailand. Many sample pictures are rolling out the social networks and in other news sites. Now that with the official statements it has been confirmed that home screen ads on the messenger will be available soon in a beta mode.

Now that Facebook messenger‘s home shows us our recent chats, stories, and online friends to communicate. With the rollout of the new beta, version ads will have appeared on the home screen too!

These ads can be simply explained and are just similar to those which get appeared on the Facebook mobile app and on Instagram.

Today we’re pleased to announce the global beta expansion of Messenger ads. People already spend time on Messenger interacting and conducting commerce with businesses and brands they love, and now with Messenger ads, they have an opportunity to discover experiences directly on their home tab.

In addition, These home screen ads gonna have a simple click to message button which helps you’ve to get in touch with the companies. This can improve engagements between the user and ad publishers.

According to Facebook, a “small percentage” of people will begin to see ads on the Messenger home screen towards the end of the month as the company begins to build ad inventory. Facebook says ads will gradually be extended to additional users over the coming months as it learns from the beta experience to ensure it is “continuing to deliver the best experience.”

Global ads will be available to a select number of advertisers starting today, and those advertisers can begin to add Messenger to their ad campaigns.