{Google-Drive-Alternatives} Best Cloud Storage Services Of 2020

Google Drive is one of the best free cloud storage services from Google. Though you need to pay for some features, This service is like an online memory for most users. Now, Google is all about to stop supporting “Google Drive” app for Windows and Mac on 12 March 2018.

It’s not that all your data will be lost! This change is just for Mac and Windows. As google gonna replace the mobile version with the new term “Backup and Sync”. As already launched, This new app provides one place for Google Drive and Google Photos.

Google Drive Alternatives 2020

Now that it is not the best feature to save photos along with files. For a selfie addict like me, Who gonna fill up the free space of 15GB within a year. Even you might soon realize that the free space is not much enough for your regular usage too! However, With the demand of the user, Google will surely expand the limit of it “Free Google Drive Account”. So are you eager and want to move to the best alternatives of Google Drive? Below listed are the best alternatives for google drive:

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is the first-ever company in introducing online storage services. Launched in 2007, Dropbox is still one of the major sources in cloud storage platforms. Unlikely to Google’s drive its app is available for all the devices and even for Linux too!

Dropbox allows you to store files of anything into their server. But the disappointing feature here is that it only allows free storage of just 2GB and in addition, we need to pay the sum $9.99/month for 1TB of storage. This “Cloud Storage Service” even allows up to 15GB of free space on referring your friends.

#2 OneDrive

OneDrive is another major source of the cloud storage platform. Developed and controlled by Microsoft, OneDrive is available for Apple and Windows. Its clients are available for smartphones too! OneDrive can be said as the best alternative to Google Drive with its similar features and cross-platform support.

The best feature of OneDrive is that, If you’re the premium member of the service you get access to Office Suite at no extra charges. Neither you think to have a premium membership for one drive if you get office suite. 😉

When compared to “Google Drive and DropBox”, OneDrive is much cheaper. On a free account, it provides you 5GB space and premium membership starts with prices as low as $1.99/month (50GB), and you just pay $7.99/month for 1TB of storage.

#3 Tresorit

Tresorit – A Cloud Storage Service which works on military-grade encryption service. This service is too secure that the company offers a reward of $50,000 who breaks into them. Let me suggest you n pint. You just might have taught to switch to tresorit from google drive?

What I want to say is that why won’t you store your personal data on tresorit and other un-important files on google drive or on any other service??

Tresorit promises end-to-end encryption with cryptographic key sharing technologies. What this means is that your files are encrypted from the moment you initiate the upload process. As this service isn’t free. We need to subscribe to one of their packs in order to enjoy the service. Prices here range from 12$ to 20$ and you can even choose your own plan.