Google Is About To Change The NEWS Look For Smart Phones


Recently Google has changed the way it shows the News search results. Now with its success, This tech giant is about to bring its new “Google News” look for smartphones and other handy devices. With these kinds of improvements and other researches, google wants to let us know that it wants to provide the best user experience for the users.

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Google Is About To Change The NEWS Look For Smart Phones

Since the past couple of days, I’ve have noticed that Google has been working hard to change the way it looks. Since most of us have already noticed that the “Sign In” pages of google were redesigned. Now the search results look were redesigned for the News tab.

In the past when Google made the news results look like cards. Google News now has that look, and word has it that Google may convey a similar look and feel to its principle Google Search stage too.

First things first, Here is how “Google News” now looks like:

As should be obvious, the subject of the card has been ported over from Google Now into Google News, offering a tab-based interface that is more helpful for versatile. Furthermore, that is the greatest piece of information concerning why Google is rolling out these general improvements over its web properties. It is adjusting itself to be significantly more portable inviting and customized.

Reports from a Reddit user states that this is what Google Search apparently looks like in its test phase.

With an organized look, Google has an effort to bring material design to mobiles. Even the text here is less cluttered with attractive fonts. Though the effort seems focused to bring more out from the regular material designs.

Now from other points of views, Google has a humongous pressure by bringing fewer results when compared to the desktop one. Based on these concepts plethora tech companies from all over the world aren’t showing up their interests by mobile appearances.

In other situations, there are words which prove that google found a solution and other words prove that google is no more bothered about a change.

However, the users are now getting excited day-by-day with the new upgraded search looks. This makes google attract more visitors to helping them find the best results for their regular searches.

So what you think about google’s news new look for smartphones. Comment down your views below to let us know.