Google Maps Allows You To Share Real-Time Bike Locations


The advancement of technology is re-designing the was operating systems work. This advancement has become more supportive of the latest innovations. In result APP developers are grabbing the 100 percent advantage of the needy situation. One of those need was GOOGLE MAPS.

In our routine life we some get to use google maps to find the best restaurant or service centers. Since introduced, every year the service gets a plethora of new features which can help the needy situations. It also makes people get depended on that particular feature. Now this year – Developers from google have introduced us to Share Real-Time Bike location.

Reports from Engadget say the development had been assigned to the world. This is to extract all the information regarding the bike stations. This will be helpful in bringing future needs to by improving the tracking service.

This new feature from GOOGLE MAPS will also provide the number of bikes available at the station. To make the app come into hand the pickup and drop time feature will also be provided.

One can simply turn on google maps and search for the nearest bike station. Following up can also make you pre-book a bike. What’s more? Just search the station where you want to rent a bike from and make a charge.

This system has been attached to all the bike stations in the world. This is to extract the data and the usage activities from the users and so on. Right of the bat, this element is being tried in New York City. Whenever succeeded, the administration will be made accessible to all the real urban areas around 16 unique nations.

Tech Giant GOOGLE already owns rights to REAL-Time tracking to its apps. Hence it makes too simple in collecting pieces of information tracking users real-time activities. In the same path, google maps show all the realtime activity of buses and trains, etc.

With the official publication of this new feature makes the communication much easier. Currently, this new feature is available for cities including Mexico, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, and Zurich, etc.


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