Hate Story 3 Actress ‘Zareen Khan’ Accepts To Marry Salman Khan?


Bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan keeps good relation with his co-actors. Katrina, Ayush, Zareen and plethora other stars have debuted their career in Bollywood with the help of Salman.

Meanwhile, in her recent interview, Hate Story 3 actress Zareen Khan Spoke something big about her crush. In her recent interview when she was questioned whom do you get rumor with? She replied to get her name rumored with Salman. Not only about her life, but She also said that she is ready to get tie-up with Salman if he accepts her proposal.

Hate Story 3 Actress ‘Zareen Khan’ Accepts To Marry Salman Khan?
Image Source: India.com

She was given choice to Gautam Rhode, Karan Singh Grover, and Salman Khan. In which Zareen Khan associated Bhai’s name to get with her in rumors.

However, this was all in fun with the interviewer and Zaree. But the thing to be noticed is that Zareen made her debut with Salman through the film VEER. Where both the actors played the lead roles opposite to each other.

After ‘VEER’, Zarine Khan made a lot of headlines for giving her a bold scene in ‘Hate Story 3’. I can tell you that Kalkra starred in ‘Hate Story 3’ with Zarine Khan in the lead roles like “Sharman Joshi” and “Karan Singh Grover”. At the same time, “Zarine Khan” was last seen in the film ‘1921’ last year.

Since the actor has been playing seduced from a long time which can impact oner her personal life. There is no confirmations of her upcoming projects, But the actress won’t shrink to expose her warmth in marrying Sallu bhai.


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