How do I get better quality on Facebook Live?


Skill in how to stream live on your Facebook fan page from your computer. This tweak works on both windows and a mac computer. So, check the complete procedure below.

  • How do I get better quality on Facebook Live?
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You can live stream on your Facebook account which is displayed on your profile. So, what can you do if you want to start a live stream on your Facebook fan page? For this, you might be using some applications to live stream through your mobile device. So, what if you want to stream from your windows or mac desktops? Don’t worry am here to guide you Stream Live to Facebook Pages From PC or MAC. So, let’s get into it.

There are some requirements in order to live stream on a Facebook page from your mac or windows desktop. So, all you have to get is the OBS Studio which is available for free and a high-speed internet connection. Now after getting these requirements just follow the below steps to proceed further.

Note: This method can also work fine in a Linux environment desktop too!

Steps To Live Stream to Facebook Pages From PC or MAC

Step1. The first step here is to download and install the Open Broadcaster Studio software from the links provided above. All the above links are safe and contain non-popup ads.

Step2. After you download and install the OBS Studio on your computer. Now go to you Facebook account and log in there. Once you have successfully logged into your FB account go to your fan page on which you want to start the live stream and click on “Publishing Tools” option which you can find upon above of your screen.

Step3. Now select Video option from the left sidebar and click on Live option which you can find beside upload. Step4. Now a popup window opens up as you click on “Live. So, you can see some fields which provide you with your live streaming key and URL. Be sure that you won’t share these URL and key with anyone.

Step5. Now open OBS Studio on your computer and click on Settings which you can find on the bottom right corner. Now in those settings, you have to choose “Stream” option and choose the “Stream Type” as “Streaming Services“. Now in there, you have to paste the required key and the URL of your Stream server.

Step6. Now all you have to do is to save and apply those changes. Then you have to select and add the source to OBS. This means you can stream live from your webcam or you can stream your desktop also. Just select any option which suits your stream and save the changes.

Step7. Now finally you are all done to start your live stream. Just scroll your mouse cursor to “Start Streaming” and stream live on your Facebook fan page from your desktop.

Video Demo

Finally, You have got to know how to Live Stream to Facebook Pages From PC or MAC. This method to live stream can help you anytime anywhere. So, You can comment down if something didn’t work for you, I’m happy to help you always.