How To Block Any Application Using Windows Firewall


Here I have bought you some simple methods using which you can block any application using windows firewall.

Most of you might use pirated or torrented software which might infect your computer with malware. Once you have installed this software, It means you are being tracked. Yes, hackers can easily track your activity and also can extract your passwords and even your personal information.

This is all done when you os provides internet access to this software. So, To protect yourself from these hacktivists all you have to do is just block this software from using the here I have bought you best methods to block a specific application using windows firewall.

How To Block Any Application Using Windows Firewall

Follow these simple steps which are provided below in order to block a specific app using windows firewall.

Step1. On your windows, computer open run command just typing windows and R.Now just type in firewall.cpl and hit enter. Now this will open firewall options of your computer.

Step2. Next, click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” link. Now this will open a list of programs with checkboxes arranged next to them.

Step 3. Now, select the “Change settings” option. This is a necessary selection in order to adjust settings. Now you may need to enter your security password if asked.

Step 4. Now which you can block the program via clicking on unchecking the box when the field is within the unchecking state the firewall will block the program to attach from the web. That is how you can uncheck any software and block it by way of home windows firewall.

So this is how you can block any program using windows firewall on a windows based pc. Hope you like this guide.also share this post with your friends too.