How To Detect Your WordPress Website Is Hacked


Most of us are unsure about their WordPress sites are hacked or not. Is not too easy to detect it. But I’ve have found some simple methods through which one can easily detect a WordPress website is hacked or not. So, Make sure you follow this complete guide.

#1 Your Sites Traffic

Malware, Trojans and other hijacks can simply redirect your websites traffic to any spammy or gambling websites. So always make sure to have a look at your site’s analytics (Google Analytics) in order to notice sudden drops in traffic.

Another reason for the sudden drop in traffic is Google’s safe browsing tool, which might be showing warnings to users regarding your website.

Day-to-Day, Google blacklists thousands of website for malware and other plethora websites due to phishing. That’s the reason all the bloggers and marketers need to have carefully attention towards their site’s security.

Check Safe Browsing Site Status.

#2 Bad Links

The major sign or path to detect a site is via bad links. These links help hackers to inject a site and to create back doors on a WordPress site. This even allows them to modify your sites core files and databases.

These hacks might add links to spammy websites and in usual these hidden links are added to footers. This doesn’t mean that they are not on any other pages. Another issue is that deleting those links doesn’t confirm that they won’t return again.

#3 Your Site’s Homepage is Defaced

This is likely the most evident one as it is obviously unmistakable on the homepage of your site. Most hacking endeavours don’t ruin your site’s landing page since they need to stay unnoticed for whatever length of time that conceivable.

However, Not most hackers deface the homepage of your site to convict that it has been hacked. Hackers who deface your site’s homepage with a message to extort money or to make themselves famous.

#4 Unable to Login to WordPress

Are you unable to login to your WordPress site? It seems to a chance that a hacker might have deleted your admin account.

As your account does not exist, You have no chance to reset your password from the login page. If you’d like to have a look at your PHPMyAdmin” Database tables or you can easily create a unique one and delete the hacker’s account.

Even though your site will be unsafe unless you detect how the hacker got into your site.

#5 Unknown Scripts and Files on Your Server

Use the best security plugin like Sucuri which can scan, alert, find unknown files or scripts on the server of your website.

You need to connect your WordPress site using an FTP client. The commonplace where you will find malicious files and scripts is the /wp-content/ folder.

In general, All these files are named like WordPress’s core files in order to hide in plain sight. Though deleting these files do not guarantee that they won’t return. All you need to do is to audit the directory structure.

Is your WordPress site safe? Want to know is the security of your site is hardened or not? You can easily find plethora WordPress security experts who can help you fix these kinds of issues. Hope you found this guide useful. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends too!