How to Get Battery Report in Windows 10 to Monitor Battery Better


If you are a windows user you might know that the os won’t share any kinda battery information nor about its battery performance. This is one of the shamefacedness and hided feature considered when you want to know how well the battery on your device is doing. Might be you’ve simply bought a shiny new Windows computer and want to know how well the battery is protecting up.

So, It’s sure that windows show you the estimated remaining time. You can get it on the system tray. Thankfully, there is a way in Windows 10 to get details on the device’s battery. Here are the steps to get a detailed battery report in Windows 10:

Step1. Open Command Prompt with administrative rights. To do so all you have to do is just Right Click on the start menu and then select Command Prompt (Admin).Then User Account Control prompt will pop up. Just click on “Ok”.

Step2. In the Command Prompt window, paste the command powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery_report.html”. Then, press Enter to run the command.

Step3. When you run the command, you’ll get a message saying “Battery life report saved to C:\battery_report.html“.

Step4. Now, you can open Windows Explorer and then open the C: drive on your os. Here, you can find battery_report.html file. Just open it in the Edge Browser or Chrome to view your device’s battery report.

Battery Report Details

When you open up the battery report, You can see various sections of information regarding the battery report of your device.The first section tells you the device details like Computer Name, BIOS, OS Build etc. The next section brings you details on the installed batteries (if your device has more than one). Here, you will find details like Name, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Chemistry, Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity and the Cycle Count, if available.

Next, “Recent Usage” as the name suggests, Which brings you the complet details about the the time when the battery was active or suspended, or when it was charged (marked by AC). This also brings you the power status from the last three days.

Battery Usage section brings you a graph which shows you the battery drains over the last three days.

The “usage history” part gives you the utilization of your device on each battery, as good as when you find yourself charging it. The “Battery ability history” part brings you the main points on the whole cost potential history of the battery. Each of those sections is useful if you wish to see the well being of the battery.

The last section of the battery report dubbed “Battery Life Estimates” shows you the average estimates for your battery, which is based on the observed drains. This estimate gets better with use, so if you have just bought a Windows 10 laptop, this estimate might not be the most accurate.

Note: This method to get battery stats, works on Windows 10, and as well as older Windows iterations like Windows 8.1, 8 and 7.

Battery Details in Windows 10 Settings

To check battery details, you can head to Windows Settings->System->Battery. Here, you will see the current battery percentage along with the estimated time remaining.

Monitor Battery on Windows 10 Using These Ways

The battery record feature in windows is certainly anything we respect and with windows 10, which you could screen the battery on your home windows gadget much better. So, that’s all on the subject of battery record and different battery small print on home windows 10. If you have any doubts, do let us know within the comments part below.