How To Make An Auto Hacking USB Drive


Anyone who has a basic computer can learn how to create an auto hacking USB drive which can steal passwords from a victim’s computer. Yes, now you can easily hack all the online passwords of your friend.

puter knowledge can perform this tweak. One can hack all the saved passwords easily through a pen drive. You might be heard about saved passwords right. Yes, Now this hack includes in stealing all the saved passwords of a victim’s computer.

Note: Use this trick for an Ethical purpose only. The website “Rex0xeR” and its authorities aren’t responsible for your illegal usage of this guide. We’re sharing this information also to make yourself protect from Hacktivists.

Create Hacking Pendrive That Can Steal Passwords From Victims Computer

Before we proceed into How To Make An Auto-Hacking USB Drive, Make sure you have all the three requirements mentioned below.

  • Pen Drive
  • Computer/Laptop
  • The Web Browser Pass View (Download)

Steps To Make An Auto Hacking USB Drive

Step1. Once you complete downloading The Web Browser Pass View from the above link. Go ahead, Insert your Pendrive and format it as NTFS

Step2. Now all you have to do is just create a folder in the pen drive with a name as “USB”. Then extract all the Web Browser Passview zip files into the USB folder.

Step3. Next open NotePad and then copy and paste the below code into notepad and then save the file as “USB Driver.bat“.

Step4. Now again open notepad and then copy the below code and paste it into the file saving it as”Autorun.inf“.

Step5. Now all you have to do is just save both Autorun.inf and USBdriver.bat files into your pen drive.

Step 7: Insert the pen drive into Victims computer and you can see that after inserting it will ask to Perform a Virus Scan. Now tap yes and just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s to save the file to your pen drive. Make it done faster. Now open that Notepad file that you have saved, Voila, you got the passcodes of the victim.

Note: Sometimes the Autorun File doesn’t work in that criteria, you have to open the pen drive partition and then double click on USB Driver and after that just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s and save the file to your pen drive. Make sure that you are doing it fast.