Easily Remove Annoying Ads From BitTorrent and Utorrent Clients

Utorrent is one of the foremost popular and one of the reputed torrent downloading the client. The free version of this download manager supports some annoying ads. After Acquiring uTorrent, BitTorrent, inc. added ads which generate some revenue from the torrent program to the developers

However, this application doesn’t provide any inbuilt option to remove or turn off these ads. So what if you are frustrated with these ads. So, today am here with a tweak which can help you to remove all these ads from uTorrent and BitTorrent desktop clients.

Easily Remove Annoying Ads From BitTorrent and Utorrent Clients

Note: These tweaks are to be performed on Advanced Settings of the software. So, if you got something false, This might invoice you some downloading problems. So, be careful and follow each step from below carefully.

Disable Ads and Offers in BitTorrent and uTorrent

Step1. Open Utorrent or BitTorrent on your computer and go to Options then go to preferences and in there select advanced (Click on “Advanced” but not the “+” sign before it).

Disable the Ad located at the Bottom Left Corner

Step2. Now in the filter option, you have to locate “offers.left_rail_offer_enabled” and make it False.

Disable Ads located at the Top Bar

Step3. Now in the filter option just search for “sponsored_torrent_offer” and turn it to false.

Disable other ads and offers

Step4. Now all you have to do is to disable all other ads. To do so, Make all the below provided keywords to false which disables other occasional ads and offers, So you have to disable these options too.

The options are:-

So, once you have done disabling all the above keyword all you have to do is just apply those changes by simply clicking on OK. Now restart the application and have fun.