How To Become A Professional Programmer At OWN


You can become a programmer in 15 days. Yes, you can, You can teach yourself to code right from the moment you start to learn it. Anyone at any age can get into coding at their own intelligence.

With the evolvement of programming in computer science, One can get high perk salary at a well-established organization. A programmer is also known as a Software Developer or Engineer. He/she might become a Junior developer at the beginning and end up to hacker.

So Who The Heck Is a PROGRAMMER

Since we are surrounded by computers all around us. There is no department or institute which does not use a computer. And we also know that a computer is an assembly of hardware components. Which needs SOFTWARE to run effectively. Similarly, a software holds numerous application which is developed, designed and invented under a set of instructions as per the use. This process is known as software development and is categorized as the following processes:

  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Coding (Programming)
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Support and Maintainance

Programming is the third term of SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. In order to design a software program, The programmer or coder will use his own intelligence with the use of a programming language. SO the person who uses a computer language to program a software instruction is called as a programmer.

How To Become A Programmer

If you want to become a programmer, Then you have to start with any of the programming languages. Meanwhile, you have to dive into the SYNTAX and STRUCTURE of that particular programming language.

In order to become a Good Programmer, You have to code your instruction such a way that the computer can easily understand it without Bugs or Compilation Errors. If the program you have coded is perfect, then other programmers can easily understand it and able to modify. Also whenever you code software on your own, Then you get to encounter with a plethora of time to change the code which you had previously written.

Tips To Become A Good Programmer

  1. Good grip and understanding of computer languages. The language that is in practise.
  2. Good Logical Ability (Reasoning and Logic)
  3. Detailed information about computers and their basic function
  4. Computer flow chart information
  5. Good sense of decision making
  6. The exact information of English

Basic Salary Of A Programmer

Depending on the companies growth and your service efforts the perks depend on. SO being a programmer you get to encounter with a plethora of challenges every time you code. Train yourself on error-free programming, Relation with your manager and the service and efforts you put to complete the given tasks decides your perks.