INDIA: OLA Bike Spreads Its Wings To 150+ Cities


On a plan to increase its services the OLA Bike service was started. These services are now available in towns like CHAPRA to all the metropolitan cities all across India. The company holds the largest Bike partners in India. This provides a livelihood to 300k+ people.

The OLA BIKE service in India provides millions of Indians a cheaper and convenient transport facility. With on-demand transportation, counterparts in the large cities.  Two-wheelers being predominant on the roads makes the service more economical and the best alternative.

The chief marketing officer ‘Arun Srinivas’ says “Ola Bike offers consumers, a smart, innovative and affordable mobility solution; this is an offering that truly reflects our mission to build mobility for a billion people”. Now with the spread of the service, OLA bike is available in small towns like Chapra in Bihar.

Ola made a convenient way of transport in a revolutionalized manner. Providing one demand Auto Rickshas, Cabs, and bikes now pushes the service convenient to millions of Indians in their busy schedules.

Since the start in 2016, ola bike services have attracted both consumers and bike partners. With a huge encouragement from the customers across Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Kolkata ola also spread its wings for small towns.


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