How To Learn ANYTHING 999X FASTER – Feynman Technique


There are a plethora of brain hacks to learn easy. You can learn any answer related to your study. For those here are the tricks to learn big answers. How can I learn faster? How to get easy ways to learn faster? How to learn very long answers? are the most common queries related to this post.

You might encounter with people who are capable to learn anything fast. You might also see people who spend 8-10 hours sticking to a book but cannot learn anything. Here we share the best technique to learn anything fast and easily. Below are the queries related to LEARNING SOMETHING:

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Trick To Learn Quickly

Here are the few tricks which can help you learn anything faster. These are the methods which were scientifically proven and provides the most effective results. If you are dedicated towards the results, then make sure that you stick to these hacks below:

#1 Activate Your Senses

Have a Pen or Pencil With You: Sounds annoying? Then try to underline the sentences and a few subject-oriented words while you study. This can improve your brain neurons work faster the time when you revise the materials again.

This is that basic hack which most toppers use. For the first-ever session of their study, Then spend more time reading and less time on understanding the concept. The time when they revise, They get more into the concept and can able to grab the actual concept.

#2 Note Making

Scenes might encounter when there is limited time left with you. In those particular situations, you grab photocopies and don’t bother about other basic hacks. It is that you have to make your own notes.

The moment you bother about your own notes, You tend to compress it in a smarter way. So always make a shorted note which targets the point.

#3 Planning

Every task in the universe required planning. It is the basic way to achieve more in a limited time. In the same way, Plan on when what and how to read. At those case where you have limited time to study then plan to go with the important topics which were asked in previous years.

#4 Make A Plan On Group Study

Group studies make us get rid of mobile and other attractions if you are seriously concerned. So before you make a move then make sure to plan the topics which you will and should cover with others.

#5 Take Short Breaks

The HUMAN brain cannot grab everything. With the basic activity of senses like NOSE, EYE, EAR and TONGUE, The more you revise – the higher the NEURONS helps to memorize it. So make sure to rest your brain for a certain period and then get back to study. Mean which do not lose the focus and dedication.


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