Marvel’s AVENGER GAME Release Date Has Announced – Here’s The Trailer First Look

Marvel Avengers has been a sensation since the early two years. The trailer of the first game was released. The first game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Titled ‘Marvel Avengers’. The first look of the game had been showcase giving an inside story of the gameplay.

The Trailer

The gameplays allows you to choose any superhero character to play on. All the characters, including the incredible hulk, thor and iron man, are available for the gamers. Everything was fine until we noticed HAWKEYE missed in the trailer.

Since there are different characters available in the gameplay, Also supports multiplayer mode. Users have to switch to a custom character in this mode. Apart from it, campaign mode and single-player modes are available. Different maps and patterns are available, which has to be protected by each character of the game.


Here is 18-minute gameplay of the game which was stream and played on Playstation 4 console. Posted on Official PlayStation YouTube Channel, The game will globally release on 15th May 2020.