“Meri Aukaat Nahi Hai Bhai” Tiger Shroff’s Shocking Reply To A Netizen


A fan-made tiger shroff to say “Meri Aukaat Nahi Hai Bhai”. Upon his query to Tiger that he dates Disha Patani tiger replies meri Nukaat Nahi Hai Bhai.

Its been out a long ago that Actor Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are in a relation. Striking all those as rumors, Bollywood industry never confirm them publicly. Recently these both actors have created a buzz on social media about their relationship.

Recently tiger shroff started to interact with his fans on instagram by facebook. While he’s live on a Q&A session, One of his fans questioned him “Are You Dating Disha?” for which tiger replied “Meri Aukaat Nahi Hai Bhai”.

Meri Aukaat Nahi Hai Bhai
Meri Aukaat Nahi Hai Bhai

Tough this couple gets to spot on plethora dinner dates, movie nights and at other events together make everyone feel like they’re in a relationship. However, until the end of the time, none of the Bollywood celebs confirms their relationships openly.

Here in this past Q&A session, a plethora of fans asked him about his upcoming films and some about fitness tips. But this netizens question surprised everyone. While tiger had expressed a lot about Disha, This question exists whenever the duo dates each other or not.


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