Microsoft Ends Its Support For Windows 8.1 Mobiles


Microsoft officially got ready to end its support for Windows mobiles. Though it might surprise you its time to upgrade your smartphone. Today, Microsoft has ended its support for Windows 8.1 Mobiles.

Microsoft Ends Its Support For Windows Mobiles

Since the past windows 8.1 got a huge demand due to its graphical interface and was all over popular among windows mobiles. With the release of Windows 10, Tech giant Microsoft has announced that there will be no further versions of windows will be available. But features and patches will be updated.

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Its been a long time since Microsoft has ended its support for all the earlier desktop versions of its OS. Now that they have decided to stop their support for windows mobiles which with default run on the windows 8.1 os.

Behalf this, Forces users to upgrade their versions to the latest available which is the windows 10.

Now that all the handsets are still running under windows 8.1, Which made Microsoft to build a special tool – dubbed Upgrade Advisor – in order to execute the software upgrade.

So what you can do with your device now?

It’s not that Microsoft has completely disabled their support. But in only a few rare cases it gonna release some patches to fix bugs. So to get most out of your windows mobile all you need to do is to upgrade to the latest versions.