Mysterious Hacking Myth’s Which You’ve Might Not Know About


It’s been in the news for the most time all about security breaches and hacking attempts. In most hacking movies, The screenplay of the hero/hacker is all about nodes, password guessings or cracking encryption within seconds.

Hacking is not done as the way it is showing up in movies. In real life, “hacking” is 95 percent monotony and 5% excitement, where focused dedication is more than a virtue. It’s almost the only trait that matters.

Friends of mine who work ethical and test the securities of web site follow-up some simple procedures and gains some knowledge about the site/server before they try to hack it. Though it takes hell lot of time, they can easily find bugs and simple codes which can break easily.

Mysterious Hacking Myth’s Which You’ve Might Not Know About

As shown in many Hollywood movies, Hackers are not just kids to cause mischief and gain kudos online? Sure.

Most of the hack attempts are done through stolen information which is being sold on the “Dark Web” or on other “Chat Rooms online”. With this info available almost anyone from an expert to a noob can gain access to a credit card.

Hacking is not just an art, It’s is one of the major businesses in the lead.

#2 Security Software’s Can Stop Hacktivists?

With a good firewall and the best security software, one can defend a hacker. But let me clarify to you that this happens for a certain period of time. Most of this software and firewalls are exposed to vulnerabilities in the deep web.

Even hackers can perform Social-engineering tweaks and some faulty promises which lead you to reveal your personal data.

#3 Hacking Only Windows Machines

Most entrepreneur’s and other rich kids just think that using those costliest apple products will keep them away from hacktivists, Which is completely a false statement. Even from the other side its even not true that hackers just research their best to break into windows.

A small line of codes (Virus, Trojan’s or Rat’s) can be infected via mobile phones, external storage devices, CD’s, tablets and even from a cloud store. So be aware while you surf the web.

#4 Hacker is an Expert

The ugliest might ever be heard or taught is that every hacker is an expert. In fact, Many professional programmers and coders experiment their codes strength via hacking. The code to hack and then the code to fix it.

With the widest space, The Internet fully loaded with a plethora of guides, tools, and other automated software’s which help a non-techie to hack or break the firewall.

#5 Hacking isn’t Black Hat 

The term hacking means to break into security from a hackers side. To break into something a hacker needs to find the perfect path which needs to get succeeded with some simple tweaks.

In general, the term hacking is known to express bad guys online behaviours. But it’s not. There are plethora companies and major businesses which hire hackers to break into their securities and pay huge wages to them.

Hacking is nothing more than a mind game which is fully loaded with interest, observation, loving nature and an eagerness to code. The major path here is to find different techniques which need to be utilized in a particular event.

So what are you’re taught on the term hacking? hope you love this post. Make sure to express your views and taught’s in the comments section below.