The Mystery Of Area 51 Has Been Exposed | Secret Base or What?


Do you know what is Area 51? Have you ever heard about it, If heard what do you this is it. Is it a Secret Military Base or Anything? Is this place an Alien meeting point? or Simply an American Air Force base?

Many people have been discussing this area and many mischevious answers have been brought up that “Area 51“ is a point to meet Aliens and many say’s that Area 51 is the place of aliens. Some say that this area is the place where weapons are manufactured. So let’s discuss what is Area 51.

Area 51

90 miles far away from Las Vegas a secretive American Air Force Base is located which is commonly known as Area 51. The purpose os this area is to test new experiments and known for its training range. New weapons and Aircraft improvements and other researchers are done there.

So, According to few reports from America, Area 51 is also proved as a Secret Base where experiments are done to improve America’s security, to test new Air Crafts and to test new Weapons etc..

In the first none of the American Citizens know nothing about this area. But as the days passed many rules were implemented by the governments of the country so that people can know about the government’s moments and slowly people all over America and the world got to know about this area and many rumors were spread.

In 2005 many people appealed to know about this base, then the govt revealed that Area 51 is a place where security is tested.

But many scientists and other people believe that area 51 is a point or a place where research is done between Humans and Aliens to create a new species which can be used in wars.

Many say’s that area 51 is a place where new species are made which cannot bear pain even when their hands are cut-off. This can’t be believable right.

In simple words, Many say’s that area 51 is a place where new species are made which cannot bear pain even when their hands are cut-off.This can’t be believable right.

You might think that this might be a rumor.Some words might be true because many people saw some “unidentified flying objects which can be said as UFO. Yes! many states that they saw some ufo’s landing and flying around the area 51 twice a day.