Noticeable Things To Be Done After Restoring Your WordPress Site


You might move to a new host or might restore your WordPress site due to any specific reason. But have you noticed that your site might encounter plethora of problems? So below are the few main issues which need to be solved instantly. Make sure to follow up this guide briefly in-order to solve them.

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Noticeable Things To Be Done After Restoring Your WordPress Site

#1 Reinstall The Plugins

If your site has been hacked and then you restore the backup files, Then the most important points to be cleared here are the plugins. Never install those plugins from the backup files and make sure you fix the vulnerabilities of those plugins.

Ask the developer for the help or to detect the malicious code in it.

#2 Updating The Database’s Credentials

Once you have successfully restored the database files, Not most of you might encounter this error with message “Error establishing a database connection”.

To fix this, You need to have a look at the table prefix’s, DB Username and password in the “wp-config.php” file. Or else just ask your host for the help.

#3 Updates

It is not a shitty factor. Its one of the major reasons behind WordPress sites being hacked. updates provide the CMS and plugins extra features and add patches if needed.

Many WordPress users enable automatic updates for plugins and themes. But if you use it every day then the manual update is always the best.

#4 Security

Always make sure to regularly change your sites passwords and force yourself to use high-end secure passwords. Always remember to hide the backend of your site with a lengthy URL.

Never use a nulled theme or plugin. As they might dangerous and contains back doors.

#5 Broken Images

Check for broken images and try to re-upload them with necessary customizations. Even check if they cause “Mixed Content” errors if you have used or moved to HTTPS.

Hope you found this guide useful. Make sure to share your do’s and wonts after restoring a WordPress site. Share this guide with your friends and make sure to comment down below.