OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE – Here’s What You Need To Know


Here are we on which most people haven’t had any idea of. The tasks which you’ve performed on computers and mobile are done through a software program. These software programs are nothing but a set of instructions which are written using a specific computer programming language. Being a computer student or if you are the one who had completed a course in computer, Then you might encounter with the term “free open source software“.

If you are the one who haven’t heard or know anything about OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. Then we assure that you had landed on the right portal. Here we had shared everything related to OPEN SOURCE software and their usage in the software development industry.

What The Heck Is An Open Source Software?

Its is generally a computer program which is shared/distributed among other computer programmers with a license to use, remodify and make changes. Its is made freely available to everyone through the internet portals. You can find few open-source software source codes at GITHUB which is accepted by most developers from every country of the world.

In order to provide support, Developers Community provides a quick response where everyone with the known knowledge shares their opinion. NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre For Free or Open Source Software) is an Indian organization which is mainly focussed to support open-source developers all across India.

So whenever you encounter with a task, you hunt google to provide you with the best software application which makes the task more efficient. Most of the FREEBIES available there are nothing but the compilation of majority of open-source software codes.

How can one change an Open Source Code?

In order to change the source code of open software, one needs to be expertise in a computer programming language. Generally used languages are C, C++, C#, Python etc which are used to design an application. Most of these software applications are coded with thousands of codes which are also known as software instructions. Using the open-source code, one can modify it and develop their own apps thereby sell it too.

Meanwhile for those apps which we are made to pay do not share their source code when you purchase or rent it. Generally, Those software programs are known as Proprietary software. This means that no one can be able to change or modify the software to his necessities. Codes or Software Instructions of those applications are kept secretive among the developers. WINDOWS OS, IOS OS etc comes under the examples of proprietary software (Closed Source).

Open-source software is preferred mostly by the noob developers to their programs. Some of the most famous and preferred open-source software comes under, UNIX, LINUX, Apache, Joomla, PHP language, Python etc.