Priyanka & Deepika Are The Celebs With Highest Fake Followers On GRAM


Priyanka Jonas and Deepika are one among those top celebrities of instagram who’s profiles hold the fakest followers which are nothing but bots. Deepika gets on top six having more than 43% of Bot followers. While on the other side Priyanka has 46% fake following on instagram.

On the Number 1 position, Ellen Degeneres – Talk Show Host has 58% percent of their following from bots. This huge following to show off that they’re famous on instagram makes the backend team of instagram from facebook to stop all the bot following and proceed in the next algorithm updates.

Here is the list of those top 10 celebrities on Instagram with huge fake followers:

Movie Ghoul
DirectorPatrick Graham
GenreHorror, Friction, Thriller

All of the celebrities who own a massive following on instagram were examined by ICMP for fake followers. The results showed the celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Ellen and BTS are the top most profiles with fake followers.

These are only in the top list, but according to the reports, ICMP has made a list of all the profiles who bought fake followers. In which most of the personalities include from the Sports, Hollywood, and Bollywood industries.


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