Return My 4 Crore Rs – Deepak Kalal Demands Rakhi Sawant Which Were Spent For Her Wedding Shopping


Rakhi Sawant – This Bollywood actor is opened to the public all about her personal life. From her opinions to all issues related to her relationships are worded out publicly. Thinking never about public comments makes her the brand ambassador of the slogan “My Life My Rules”.

After knowing the news about her ex from the UK who’s name is Riteish, Deepak Kalal gets furious and demands his 4 Crore rupees which were given to her as a wedding in his stride. Deepak recently posted a video on his social media profile and claims a cheat on her.

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As known, This video went viral on all the social media platforms. Public comments dominated the war sections too! But the thing is, Breakups among celebrities are quite common in nature. But these ugly spats get them nothing but negativity.

Tons of drama was created by these two earlier this year about their love and wedding. Press interviews and instagram posts were planned by them to gain social publicity. knowingly, This latest stunts again claims that they haven’t changed their public drama strategies yet.


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