Soon You’ve Can Watch Movies On FaceBook


Since introduces, This giant social network was widely popular for sharing photographs. Later when Videos were introduced it made a trend on the site. As we can see a plethora of videos on our Facebook news feed. Now it’s time to stream movies officially on Facebook. For this new feature, it gonna spend around 1 Billion Dollars on videos.

Soon You’ve Can Watch Movies On FaceBook

Reports from “The Wall Street Journal” states that Facebook is about to invest One Billion Dollars on videos to stream movies. Videos here includes its original shows which even can compete with other online video streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube.

The report states that this sum of money isn’t fixed; it could fluctuate based on the success of this idea. This news comes in the wake of another report that indicated that Apple has decided to spend $1 billion on original content this year.

From another news report, it comes out that the developers have added a Movies Section in the mobile app’s navigation. Once can easily buy movie tickets from this section too! Isn’t it interesting to plan your weekends which are already sorted ?!

For the online ticketing feature, Facebook has partnered with Fandango.

Right now this feature is being tested. And the results were golden than expected. Soon this feature can be expected for all the users of Facebook outside the U.S.

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