Stop Pirated Sites From Using Your CPU To Mine Cryptocurrency


According to the recent reports from “TorrentFreak“, It’s now clear that “The Pirate Bay” is using its visitor’s computing resources to mine “Monero” a cryptocurrency. This was done by using a simple “JavaScript” code, Which triggers a cryptocurrency miner from Coinhive.

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later it has been confessed in their blog that, This was just a test. As they want to get rid of ads and to make the site active they need money, says, admins. Now that you might get wondered to give up your low resources. But few things can simply block this. Yes! Here in this guide, I will be sharing the best tip to block pirated sites from using your CPU to mine Cryptocurrency. Just follow up the entire post to get the best result.

Stop Pirated Sites From Using Your CPU To Mine Cryptocurrency

Most of the admins of the website need money to run their sites. These days money for a site server is being generated by the site itself with native ads, affiliates etc. This is how even The Pirate Bay was. Now the admin wanted to change their source of income from ads to its alternatives like mining cryptocurrencies using their visitors CPU.

So, Most of us don’t want to spend our CPU’s power on this. So to stop pirated sites from using your CPU to mine cryptocurrency just turn off using java in your browser. This can affect the design of a website. So if you even won’t want to make this change, Then just download and install a few extension knows as monoblock and No Coin.

Just install any of these extensions and block sites from mining. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to share your views in the comments section below. Share this guide on your social profiles too!