The Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android


Let’s imagine that you are playing your favourite game on your Xbox One or on any console. Then suddenly someone calls you, but you don’t want to leave your game to pick the call. But you want to know who’s calling you. It is for the period of moments like these that you just wished your Android smartphone to be a bit wiser in telling who’s calling without actually picking it up.

Best Caller Name Announcer App For Android 2020

So, On an iPhone, you can make Siri speak out the caller name but on the other hand on android, you have to install some of the third-party applications to enable this feature. Thankfully, there are particular caller name announcer apps which can converse out the default contact name of your callers. So, here is a list of the 4 best caller name announcer apps for Android:

#1 Caller Name Talker

This is one of the best caller name announcer apps available in both Free and Paid versions. The app itself detects the name of the Caller and also the SMS Senders and even other social notifications regarding any kinda communication services on an Android Smartphone. Across low-battery, The app can voice alert for IMO, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and Telegram etc.. With single permission, the app will also read the message containing in these apps, which are provided that you enable the feature from the settings.

A bunch of options are available with the app which can readout functions. One can even set the delay alerts, lower the ringtone volume, set custom message across the name and much more. This is all done with the help of default TTS service which is default installed on your Android OS.

#2 Caller Name Talker

You might think that this app has already been mentioned on our first list. But let me make you know that this app is completely different from the above one with the same name. This alternate one is available for free on Google Play Store. But the User Interface of this app is not much better but contains all the basic features of caller name speaker app. The app can announce the caller name of Unknown numbers too. This app can even read the message content. With various customizable settings which are available on this app, Once can easily enable/disable the available functions and can even turn off/on the voice alerts. This app also lets you to place a custom message before the caller’s name.

Unluckily, it lacks many of the additional features that the beforehand acknowledged app packs. Having mentioned that, this app features effectually and is a good one if you wish to have a simplistic and uncomplicated caller name speaker app.

#3 Caller Name Announcer Pro

This app is the best suitable for the one who needs a caller name announcer app that can also act as a caller ID. This app is the must check out one. With a smart User Interface, that app features speech alerts for all the calls and even messages. You can even turn on the content readability feature for messages too. One can easily turn on/off the Voice Alerts from the home screen itself. This feature is a best-needed feature for those people who ofter put their smartphone into silent mode.

Try these Caller Name Announcer Apps

So, These are the best caller name speaker apps for android. Hope you like these apps and let me know if i have missed any best one.Though there are many alternates which bring Caller Name Announcer functionality but are littered with annoying ads.