Things To Avoid While Preparing For UPSC CSE


UPSC Civil Service Examinations requires more hard work. Meanwhile, the pressure increases when you have to Hard work along with Smart works. You need to have proper awareness of the topics which you have to study and which do not.

Hard Work + Smart Work = UPSC CSE RANK

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If you are another aspirant landed on this portal, Then here are the few basic things which you should avoid with your UPSC Preparation. Do not make these mistakes in the preparation of IAS:

#1 Do Not Believe In Rumours

Being a UPSC aspirant it’s your fundamental to not believe in rumours. Mostly with the one who is professionally called as SENIORS. They are your competitors, but not a well-wisher.

#2 Reading Too Many Books

There are tons of Study materials available in the market out there. If you start a deep cover on each and every material available out there, The I’m sure that you will end up your life preparing for UPSC. So our personal guide for you is that refer only a single Book for a particular topic. DO not master the topic, Just be aware of it.

#3 Read, But Now Written

Always remember that CIVILS EXAM is not just a presentation test. It judged your mental abilities and interpretation skills too. So you have to craft your mind such a way that you can study less and present more in the most creative manner.

#4 Depending On Newspapers

Yes, it is that 70 – 80% of the questions are from the current affairs, recent developments and international relations and issues. But in MAINS and Interviews, YOUR OPINION MATTERS a lot than your presentation.

Similarly, Cram the complete syllabus of UPSC and always make sure to stick to the syllabus. So that you can deduct time from being spent on other trash articles of newspapers. It is 100% true that UPSC sticks to the syllabus.

#5 Sleep Matters

Never spend less time to rest your body and brain. Always be patient and take enough sleep of at least 7 hours daily. UPSC has a lot to learn and think about, So never let your brain run like a machine. Remember that you are human not an alien. Studying without proper sleep never gets you AIR 1.