With default WordPress, cms have no much security features. All we have to do is just set up some basic tweaks to make our blogs or sites safe. One of the harmful session for a WordPress user is to secure his/her site’s admin area. Because its the place from where hackers find a vulnerability to hacking a site.

  • How can I improve my WordPress Security?
  • What is the best WordPress security plugin?
  • How do I protect my WordPress admin account?
  • How secure is WordPress admin?

Trillions of sites are been developed under WordPress CMS. Every year thousands of WordPress sites get hacked. There might be several reasons behind it. But I can definitely say that most hackers love to hack a WordPress site.

The best solution I’ve can suggest you is to backup your site regularly.

Now here in this guide, we gonna provide you with some basic tips to protect your WordPress site’s admin operation.

Top 10 Impassable Tips To Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

You might be aware of brute force attacks? Most hackers brute force your sites admin area with wrong credentials. Below are a few working methods to stop those attacks.

#1 Passwords

Never use a common password or never use the same password which is locked up by all your online accounts. Yes, you heard it right. In most cases, users use the same passwords for all their online accounts.

Always use the combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. It would be great if you use capital letters.

For a showcase just use a password like this -> 90fbcfb8q3490

Don’t use the above example on this site 😛

#2 Username

With default wordpress cms uses “ADMIN” as the default login username. Hackers can SQL inject and grab the credentials to login. Also, remember not to use the same usernames which you use an author on your site.

#3 Log-In URL

There are plethora sites which till use “wp-admin/” or “wp-login.php” links to login. So to improve your sites security you have to change it. This can be simply done with plethora of plugins available out there. The best-recommended plugin is iTheme Security.

#4 Use SSL

Even google these days consider a site as an authoritative which uses SSL. By encrypting all your sites traffic SSL secures your site. If you aren’t affordable with high costly ssl certificates, One can use Cloudflare or lets encrypt.

#5 Password Protect the WordPress Admin Directory

Make sure to protect the admin directory with a strong password. Always remember not to use admin as the default username not use your social profile username. Create unique and different nicknames which you can easily remember.

#6 Updates

Always keep your site’s themes and plugins updated. As it the main factor of security. Updates make the vulnerabilities of your site fix and secures your site. With some simple tweaks, one can easily enable automatic updates for your WordPress site.

#7 Backups

If you have no backups of your site, Then what will your next step be if your site gets hacked? Always make sure to backup your site regularly and make yourself risk-free. There are plethora plugins available which can help you make a backup as per schedules too!

#8 Hosting

We know that you want to build a professional site. But what if you have no proper features raised by your host provider. So make sure to have a good host which can help you protect your site from providing firewalls and regular malware scans.

#9 Remove Password Lost Link

Almost in many cases, all the hosting providers keep the “mail()” function disabled but not all do that. If its not done then your email can be easily get hacked and with the use of “Forgot Password” link hackers can easily gain the access.

#10 Always use Two-Step Verification Process

To make your WordPress site highly secured, Most white-hat hackers and other WordPress professionals suggest us to use two-step verification to log in to the dashboard. With the availability of plethora of plugins, one can easily set up two-step verifications.

So, This was all about 10 Impassable Tips To Protect Your WordPress Admin Area. Hope you found this guide useful. Make sure to share this guide with others too!