Top 5 Whooping Great Reasons To Love WordPress


WordPress is the best CMS available out there. With the help of plethora themes and plugins available for free, One can easily develop Build an astonishing site, blog and an e-commerce website too! Below we have listed our main reasons expressing our love WordPress.

  • Why is WordPress so popular?
  • Is WordPress a reliable source?
  • Is WordPress still the best CMS?
  • Which is the best WordPress theme?

You might have your own points to love WordPress cms. But in the ocean on Content Management Systems WordPress has gained huge popularity by making its users consume more time developing a site using it. As it owns a plethora of eye-catching features like lovable plugins, attractive themes, and extensive customizations. So what makes you find the importance before you found a CMS which suit you? Make sure to comment it.

1 Free From The Core

The best thing about this content management system is that it’s free at no cost. And you might not know that it’s Open Source too! Though some developers make some theme and plugins as paid service. This is because those themes and plugins are developed by them. If you like to take help from a designer to create a site then he might use WordPress for it and might charge you for his work. Instead of all other services, the tool is completely free and one can develop a plethora of sites with different domains using WordPress at no copyright or any other legal issues.

2 Glorious Community

WordPress is widely used by thousands of developers in each corner of the world. Most of the users are interested in spreading out their tweaks done by the app. If you run into an issue or have a problem, there’s literally someone out there to answer your question via supportSlackdeveloper resourcescodex, and more.

You have no restriction to be a developer. Anyone from the world can contribute, suggest their ideas through Word camps which are even organized all over the world. The best part is that it never depends on a specific contribution. The point is that how can you contribute. Whether it be design, translation, event planning, plugin development, training, and more, getting involved is super easy.

3 Search Engine Charisma

The developers of this great Content Management System are highly focused on making the app SEO Optimized out of the box. But one has to customize it with some special plugins like Yoast in order to improve the SEO performance of the site.

4 Protection

Though there are many misconceptions which state that WordPress is not secure. But the fact is that it is open source. This made it to get secured by plethora of experts all around the world. But the key fact is anything can be hacked! Holy Crap?

Without any negligence, one has to adopt some best plugins to make their site secure. All the security is up to you. Its your site and you have to take care of the security too. There are few measures which can take to harden the security of your WordPress site, like using strong passwords, enforcing 2FA and so on.

5 Relationship With Plugins

Plugins play crucial part in the development of a wordpress site. With the availability of millions of plugins i’ve can easily design, improve and customize our site like a pro. Who don’t want to Enhance WordPress Beyond blogging? When a plugin can help.

With the help of plugins, One can easily develop a forum based site, E-Commerce site, Social Network or any other site etc..

Now that even wordpress supports PHP7 which is our another factor to love wordpess. So, What are your views towards this great open source app. Hope you found this post useful and do share your impressions in the comments section below.