Vivek Oberoi To Design A Movie On ‘IAF Balakot Airstrike’ – True Event!


Earlier this year – this Bollywood start ‘Vivek Oberoi’ gained a sensational hit through ‘Narendra Modi’s’ biopic. Now, this actor is showing interest to produce to a movie script based on ‘BALKOT AIRSTRIKE’ – A True Indian Event.

Vivek Oberoi designed a film based on the life of India’s most powerful prime minister ever – Narendra Damodar Das Modi. The screenplay and the concept itself was based on the life event of PM Narendra Modi. This film gained huge success all across the Indian theaters but failed to cross the box office collections.

Now with utmost spirit and confidence, this actor is about to produce for a film based on recent AIRSTRIKE at Balakot, India.

As we all know about this strike – Upon PAKISTAN’s Airforce crossing Indian border illegally for the first time in an act of terrorist revenge. MIRAGE with 2000 airplanes bombed tons of bombs on Pak’s terror camps. Around 300 terror were killed in the attack and once again India make Pakistan learn a fresh new chapter ‘Nayi India’.

This will the concept of the screenplay. As per the reports from the makers – It is out that this film will complete its clipping process until the end of 2019. Shooting locations are planned in Agra, Delhi and few chosen parts across Jammu & Kashmir.

On the other side –  Vivek Oberoi dint earned much through ‘PM Narendra Modi‘. In spite of gaining huge fame and name. It failed to at the box office collections. This was all due to the ‘LOK SABHA ELECTIONS’ at the time of movie release. So let us hope this upcoming movie on a true event break the records at the box office.


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